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EulerRoom #2

Access Space, Sheffield

Our first proper eulerroom night featured post-autonomous algorithmic (and otherwise confusing) broken rave music live streamed from Sheffield. Archive of the live stream is below.

Pay as you feel

If you enjoy Eulerroom, please give us money so we can pay artists and maybe cover some costs.


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Calum Gunn

conditional records
Calum Gunn is slowly, inexorably hurtling towards death. Before that gruesome end, though, he's making frantic, indeterministic computer music with custom software that leaves behind contrails of broken rave, amateur FM synthesis and paranoid clattering. For EulerRoom, Calum will make a new multichannel work in which a computer tries vainly to fit rhythms into confined temporal spaces, leaving crunching, morphing bass tones to catch up.


Joanne is a Leeds-based improviser. Playing regularly in small venues across the North, she is involved in various things. Joanne uses code to play so she doesn’t have to. Her EulerRoom performance will involve objects and perhaps some motors.


co¥ᄀpt is the text-based musical alter-ego of Sean Cotterill, a digital artist/tinkerer from Newcastle, UK. At EulerRoom he will present quadraphonic meditative electronic improvisation with SuperDirt and SuperCollider, going a bit wild at the end.


Computer Club
Yaxu is the solo project of EulerRoom resident Alex McLean, who makes all his music with his handmade live coding technology, describing complex musical patterns with simple algorithmic structures. With any luck he'll launch a crowdfund for his next project at this very event, as well as taking improvised, surround sound, broken algorithmic techno to the limit.

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